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Pellegrino Artusi, father of Italian gastronomy wrote: "... When you hear about Bolognese cuisine, give it a bow, because it deserves it!"

Well, if you want to know the flavors and variety of Bolognese and regional gastronomy, this is definitely a tour not to be missed!

Have you already discovered the nicknames of Bologna?

The "Dotta", the "Rossa" and finally, the "Grassa" . Well; forget the first two and dive into the true meaning of the third: "Bologna la Grassa", The Fat one, for its recipes and unique gastronomic preparations, tasty and also very ... caloric!

Through various tastings, about a dozen, including cheese, mortadella, salami and other cured meats, chocolate and artisan ice cream, we will discover the highest artisan quality of Bolognese and Italian food.

We will start the day in typical Italian style, that is, with a breakfast at the bar based on espresso coffee and croissant.
Then we will try the Tigella , stuffed with local mortadella, our typical cold cuts.
Going to the Mercato Delle Erbe , one of the best food markets in the city, we will try different tastes of Parmigiano-Reggiano , the king of cheeses, discovering how flavors change based on aging.
Speaking of "flour" we will discover how the real Sfogline transform it into pasta , handmade according to a centuries-old tradition.

Approaching another important open air market in the heart of Bologna, the so-called "Quadrilatero" we will taste the real meat ragù : the Bolognese sauce, hot and freshly cooked served on a slice of bread.
Also in the medieval market we will visit what is considered the oldest tavern in Europe. Here we will stop for a toast with a good glass of wine while still trying some typical bread such as crescenta, cured meats and cheeses such as Parma Ham and squacquerone, creamy spreadable cheese.
To finish with the dessert, we will complete the tour with a tasting of homemade chocolate and homemade ice cream.
Are you still hungry? I don't think so, however in case I can suggest some good restaurants nearby! 

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