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Among the various interests that I have cultivated over the years there is also wine. I'm a wine Taster Onav, and I also owned a wine shop of natural wines in my hometown, Ravenna. Over time I have developed an idea of guided tour / tasting designed to best describe regional wines.

Emilia Romagna is truly a land of great gastronomic excellence known all over the world but its wines are not as famous. Through three targeted tastings we will try to find out if even wine can deserve the podium on the table, along with food.

We will try, some of the most interesting regional wines combined with a small gastronomic combination, we will talk about the various areas of wine production, discovering some curiosities, for example: did you know that there are many varieties of Lambrusco?


Our meeting point could be directly in your hotel or in another agreed place. From there, we will reach the wine shop talking about our favorite wines and I will introduce you to the Emilia Romagna region.
In the wine shop we will taste the first wine, the sparkling Pignoletto .
Following the undisputed king of Emilia, Lambrusco and finally the Sangiovese di Romagna the most cultivated grape in Italy.
A true overview of our region, carried out with the precision and passion of a professional.


Note: I thought of this tasting as a dynamic event carrying out the three (or more) tastings in an itinerant way from one tavern to another inside the historic center but if you prefer we can also have a tasting session sitting at the table of one only wine shop without walking.

If you are looking for an idea for your private tour in Emilia Romagna or around Bologna, do not hesitate to contact me for information, suggestions and ideas for your tour!




For more information or to customize the tour, do not hesitate to contact me on the number (mobile phone and Whatsapp)


or with an email at

(write in the subject the name of the tour for which information or reservations are requested)

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