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Spaghetti Bolognese ???

Spaghetti bolognese does not exist! With this mantra, Bolognese innkeepers and restaurateurs try to explain to the many tourists passing through that the real city dish is tagliatella with meat sauce! But behind this dish, however, there is a history that deserves to be remembered. In the beginning was the recipe for "Maccheroni alla Bolognese" by Pellegrino Artusi within the first edition of La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiare bene of 1891. It mentions a veal ragout traditionally associated with egg pasta. A few decades later, a cookbook was circulated in America, edited by Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti under the name Practical Italian recipes for American kitchens, which was essentially inspired by Artusi's work, but also recommended the Bolognese sauce dressing for "macaroni or spaghetti." For the first time, spaghetti was mentioned as a viable alternative to noodles: spaghetti Bolognese was born.

The rise of spaghetti in America is easy to understand: dry durum wheat pasta was easier to come by and the tradition of egg pasta did not exist, as continued in Bologna. Many restaurants in America appreciated this new combination, making it one of the most famous dishes in the world.

Recently, the Italian Academy of Cuisine filed by notarial deed with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce a very unique version of spaghetti alla Bolognese made with tuna.

This is a dish that has been popular at the family level since the early 20th century, when the commercialization of tuna preserved in oil and the commercial distribution of spaghetti also began to spread to the North of the country.

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